Crystalline Waterproofing  Elastoclad HR is a 100% acrylic waterproofing and heat reflective Waterstop coating which is formulated with hollow core ceramic microspheres
to dissipate and reflect solar radiation and also provide a long
lasting elastomeric waterproof coating. The ceramic coating
technology was developed originally for NASA space shuttles during
re-entry to the atmosphere, the benefits provided are therefore

British Company

Cormix International is an independent British Company established in 1996. Cormix manufactures a broad range of specialist construction chemicals including waterproofing and concrete repair systems Waterstop  polyurethane foams & resins, cementitious & epoxy grouts, concrete & shotcrete admixtures and swelling waterstops. The wide product range available from Cormix allows it to differentiate itself from many of its competitors. This coupled with its dedication to the pursuit of  Crystalline Waterproofing excellence, innovation and excellent quality positions Cormix well in the field of construction chemicals.


Crystalline Waterproofing Contite can be used to protect various concrete structures
including marine and coastal structures, water storage
tanks, highways, runways, roofs, decks, bridges, cut &
cover tunnels, silos, car parks, swimming pools, precast
panels, pipes, etc. Unlike solvent-based, membrane
forming sealers Cont i te is envi ronmental ly f r iendly.
Waterstop Since Cont i te penetrates into the concrete, it won’t
scratch, peel or damage.



A flexible hydrophilic natural rubber & bentonite waterstop
for construction joints and sealing precast elements that
expands on contact with water. The bentonite in consists of tightly
packed charged microscopic platelets, between and within
these platelets there is a separation of charges positive
and negative. Water molecules are attracted to the unique
structure of positive and negative charges and wedge
themselves between the platelets causing them to separate
& swell. The hydrated bentonite forms a seal preventing further
migration of water. As hydrostatic pressure is increased the
platelets compact forming a tighter sea Polyurethane Injection Foams